Ventilation Surveys 

The purpose of a ventilation survey is to acquire data that quantify the distributions of airflow, pressure and air quality throughout the main flow paths of a ventilation system. We utilise ventsim ventilation modelling software to conduct simulations of your ventilation network

Statutory ventilation checks as per NZ laws

Assist with major modifications as required to be made to the ventilation system

Ventilation planning and control including modelling with ventsim

Ventilation risk assessments

We will conduct a thorough survey of your ventilation system to assess the following:

Frictional pressure drop, 

Airflow quantities in each working face

the following parameters may be calculated for the purposes of both planning and control:

• distribution of airflows, pressure drops and leakage

• volumetric efficiency of the system 

• branch resistances 

• natural ventilating effects

• friction factors 

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