Air Quality Surveys and Monitoring

The quality of the air is important in any environment especially workplaces were workers are engaged in various activities. Workplace exposure standards (WES) set in New Zealand must be adhered to as part of the Health and safety regulations in the work places. We ensure sampling of the worksite is conducted to the recommended standard to determine the quality of air at your site. With more than 20years experience of working in various sites we are able to assist you with the solutions to any inconsistencies that may arise.

We are able to model and run ventilation simulations using Ventsim software for your operations. Ventsim is the premier ventilation modelling software used in the Australasia region.

We are able to help you draft or audit your Principle Hazard Management Plans (Fire and explosion or ventilation) as well as Ventilation Control Plan and Air Quality management plan.

Ventilation surveys

Dust sampling (Respirable dusts, coal dust, Crystalline silica and inhalable dusts)

DPM sampling

Noise monitoring

Ventilation and Air quality risk assessments

Drafting of Principal Hazard Management Plans (PHMP)and Principal Control Plans (PCP)

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