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Air Quality solutions

We are a one stop shop for all your air quality requirements. With over 20years experience in extractives industry we are well placed to provide you with the solutions you need for your workplace. We go beyond monitoring we also provide practical industry leading solutions.

At Air quality solutions we offer a full suite of services when it comes to your ventilation and air quality monitoring, from assessment through to complete surveys.

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Air quality Sampling and monitoring

Ventilation surveys

Dust sampling (Respirable dusts, coal dust, Crystalline silica and inhalable dusts)

DPM sampling

Noise monitoring

Ventilation and Air quality risk assessments

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Ventilation surveys

The purpose of a ventilation survey is to acquire data that quantify the distributions of airflow, pressure and air quality throughout the main flow paths of a ventilation system. We utilise ventsim ventilation modelling software to conduct simulations of your ventilation network

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Dust sampling

Dust is a major problem in most workplaces. We offer NZ recognised AS2985 and AS3640 dust sampling methods to monitor dust in your work place. Occupational Hygiene is a major cost in every workplace. Our goal is to provide a service minimising costs.

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Diesel Particulate Matter

Diesel particulate matter is part of a complex mixture that makes up diesel exhaust. The most common exposure pathway is breathing the air that contains the diesel particulate matter. Diesel exhaust causes health effects from both short term or acute exposures and also long term chronic exposures, such as repeated occupational exposures.

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